Lacey (Snow Blind) and her new friend Rove The Ginger Cat

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Gorgeous Lacey (Snow Blind) is a 3 year old white girl up for adoption. She is chilling out at the GAP kennels while waiting for her perfect home :)

.This morning she made a new friend - resident cat Rove! Sonja  took some pictures - aren't they a cute couple? :)
Sonja (GAP Kennel Manager) says:
Earlier today we brought Lacey into our reception area with Bailey the GAP cat (this is part of a temperament test that every GAP greyhound goes through).  Lacey gave Bailey a polite sniff but Bailey, being Bailey, just eyeballed her and Lacey got offended...
Time for her to meet Rove (another GAP cat), we thought! As you can see from these photos, Lacey is a dog who would enjoy interacting with a kind cat. She politely and gently sniffed Rove all over and wagged her tail in delight as he weaved himself gently through her legs and snuggled up to her.
After 10 minutes of this interaction, Lacey decided it was time for her beauty sleep (which she gets plenty of, as you can see)!

And last but not the least: Bailey, another GAP cat :)