Update from Roy (Big Rig Baz)

Monday, November 29, 2010
Cute doggie :)
Well it's been three weeks since I came to my new home and I'm settling in nicely. My owners keep disappearing during the day, then one of them pops in around lunchtime so I'm not so sad. In fact, she's caught me unawares sleeping on the deck twice now, so I think I don't mind this being alone business so much anymore.
I think I like the water, though am not too fussed by it at the moment. Yesterday we went out to Raglan and dipped our toes in the ocean which was cool.

Dad and me

Yes, I like the sea! :)

With Mum and Dad

I like the camera too!
Today I took part in the Greyt Greyhound Gathering walk along the Waikato River. This was great fun and I got to meet loads of other dogs who look like me, as well as a bunch of others that looked really weird, but smelled like dog so I didn't mind them hanging around.

Me and Mum at Greyt Greyhound Gathering

There's another four-legged furball in the house called Stitch, she hasn't come very close to me yet but likes to sit on the couch and look at me from a distance. I reckon one of these days she'll be game enough to come over and say hi properly, in the meantime I don't worry about her.

My owners say I have great manners and I've learned all sorts of things already. For some reason I have to wait before I can eat my dinner or when I'm given a bone, so I humour them and play the game.

Other than that they call me a 'good boy' a lot, so figured I must be doing something right! I heard them say the other day that they can't find anything to complain about, so I'll just keep doing what I do. :)
Love, Roy (Big Rig Baz)

Playing with my new friend Nefa :)