Photoshoot with NZ Next Top Model winner Lacey (Snow Blind)

Sunday, November 14, 2010
Written by Lacey (Snow Blind)

Since winning NZ's Next Top Model, life has been frantic and I love the attention I get from being the most beautiful hound ever. I am also looking for a new forever home, so life is VERY busy these days!

I was booked for a photo shoot with Sonja, Irene and Fatima this weekend - I thought to share some pictures so that you could truly appreciate the extent of my beauty (especially if you are looking for a beautiful white hound to add to your family!!).
Sonja was my photographer and Irene and Fatima were my stylists and makeup artists. :)

Knitted accessories in bright colors are always in!
This is so my color!
I must say I have PERFECT bone structure ...

Spanish look, black lace and red velvet flowers are perfect
accessories for formal events like 'Greyt Greyhound Gathering' dinner
Me in my 'fierce pose' :)
Yes, I am beautiful...

Vintage diamante headband looks so amazing on me!
A shot for Teen Vogue

And we also have a video of Lacey relaxing after the photoshoot :) :