Our cute foster girl Bess (Cawbourne Bess)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Bess in her signature position :)
Cute Bess has been with us for a few weeks now -and we are so enjoying fostering the gorgeous white girl :)
Bess has done it all - she emigrated to NZ from Australia, raced extensively with couple of trainers, and then had puppies, before coming to GAP.
Ever since Bess arrived here she has been the most perfect 'house guest' - very polite, never had an accident inside, and follows all the house rules to the T. She also helps with gardening: she follows me every evening when i water the garden, and tries to play with a waterhose! :) We hope that Bess will find a forever home with a keen gardener (!) :)Oh and did I say she is also SO cute?
Bess loves sleeping and sleeps upside down, for hours, in the most weird positions:

And she LOVES sunbathing!
Despite being a couch potato, Bess is VERY playful and she LOVES her toys! She loves running afetr toys and chasing and 'killing' them.. . She is still obsessed with her squeaky raindeer! :)

She also mouths your hands in play (very gently though, it is very cute!) like a puppy, although she is 4 years old. She also has one of the BIGGEST greyhound smiles we have ever seen, she bares all her teeth and smiles when she is happy! She jaw –wrestles with Lucy and Cilla too :)
We love all our foster greyhounds, and all of them are special - but Bess is VERY clever, very soft and emotional doggie.

She is not too confident dog - so in her new home, she will be always at the bottom of the pack. She is a true people-dog, looks to us for guidance and asks 'permission' to do anything...it is very endearing when she stands in front of one of the bedrooms, and looks at us 'May I go in...?' :)
She has fitted beautifully in our pack, currently consisting of Louie and Lucy (of course!) and our other foster girl Cilla.  

With Lucy :)
Bess is not suitable for homes with cats, but she lives with our cat Mitzi and has learned to pretty much leave her alone.

Bess has made a couple of good friends too. Besides Lucy, Louie and Cilla, Bess LOVES Beryl and Frankie (particularly Frankie -she is slightly obsessed with him - but then, most of our foster greyhounds are!), her gardening buddy is Sam The Samoyed, and when we go to the riding school, she hangs out with Benjamin The Corgi :)

Bess with Ellie and Benjamin The Corgi

Those horses are HUGE! Better stay away...
Ellie knows a lot about these giant animals...
I am going to lean on her while we are at this weird place!

Gardening with foster-Nana Yvonne
and buddy Sam The Samoyed
(Note from Bess: When I met Sam the first time, I could not believe my eyes! He looks like a giant lure! And his tail looks EXACTLY like a lure! I almost felt sorry for the poor guy!! I mean really, what sort of look is this?! Sam is VERY cool though, and we share the same passion for gardening :)