Today at the Feilding Airfield ... :-)

Friday, November 5, 2010
Sammy (Sammy Utar) and her new Dad James
Today , Sammy (Sammy Utar) and myself went to Feilding Airfield. You are probably wondering why!!! :-)
Well -we went to meet Sammy's new Dad James, who flew into Feilding (from Hamilton) in his 4-seater Cessna!
James, who is a flying instructor in Hamilton, flew in to meet Sammy and also to pick up two beanbag beds for her -she is going to join his family at the end of next week, when she will hitch a ride up north with Margaret.
Of course, I took the opportunity to take some pictures -they turned out great, the weather was gorgeous today, and I am sure James had a lovely flight back home (with two HUGE red beanbags in his plane !!!) :-)

Check out Sammy meeting her new Dad for the first time (and also check out the cool little plane!) below. Also, cute little Sammy is NOT brown -she is black, but still has the soft undercoat which we call 'puppy coat' - once that falls out, she will be true black :-)