Update from Romy (Skipper Star)

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Romy's new Mum Claire just sent us an update and some cute pictures :) Claire and her family have fostered GAP greyhounds , and also have adopted their first greyhound Indie (Indigo Coal) 3 years ago.

Claire wrote:

Romy has come home again!! Almost 2 years ago I fostered Romy (Skipper Star) and we all fell in love with her. I've loved all my foster dogs but for me Romy was different and letting her go was very hard for all of us.

Romy went to live with a lovely couple in Paraparaumu Beach so we were close enough to keep in touch. Recently their circumstances changed and when they asked if I would have her, I jumped at the chance. So I guess you can say I'm a 'failed foster carer', just 2 years later :))
Romy has settled in so well. She is happiest when she is with the kids, she just adores them. She will play endlessly with Lou (our foxy cross), she loves running around and sleeping with Indie.

Indie and Romy
Romy playing with Lou
In true greyhound style Romy will always get to the comfiest bed first and she thinks rummaging around in the wet washing when I'm trying to hang it on the washing line is a great idea :) Romy is an affectionate, happy, quirky, gentle girl and just wants to be with us and in the middle of everything and that suits us just fine :)

Romy has always had a special place in my heart so I'm a very happy girl now that she is home with us again. We are her old/new/forever family. :)
Romy with Nate :)
Romy and Indie
Romy and kids :)
Tayne and Romy