Update from foster care: Billy (Sambo Warrior)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Billy and Jolie sharing a bed :)
Cute little Billy (Sambo Warrior) is being fostered by Jacquie, Tony , Drew and their greyhound Jolie (Snowie Secret) in Pirongia (Waikato). They just sent us an update on their foster boy, who has been with them for just under two weeks now:
Billy is very soft, and not as confident as Jolie, but he is improving with Jolie's help! :)
Have just had a break in the rain and watched him and Jolie hoon around the yard like a couple of speed freaks. Tail is high and wagging! :)
He’s progressed from being afraid of the cats to being OK with ignoring them – as long as they’re being quiet. If there’s any hissing involved, he goes in the other direction.
We took him for a walk to the local dog park because he’s seemed so reassured to be on a lead. He was a total delight on the lead, and was very intrigued by a goat tethered by the road on our way home. He kept giving us these ‘did you SEE that?’ kind of looks, LOL!
Billy's first outing :)