Update from foster care: Troy (Powerful Enemy)

Monday, June 6, 2011
Maggie, Stacey and Troy
Troy (Powerful Enemy) is a special boy : he has been an amazing racing greyhound, having had 102 starts and winning 35 of those and placing in another 37 ! A true top athlete, Troy was trained by Manawatu trainers Brendan Cole and Lisa Ahern, before coming to GAP.

Troy is now in foster care with Stacey in Palmerston North, and we just got an update from him:

I am a big, playful, handsome boy who just loves cuddles! I am currently in foster care with Stacey and her flatmates (plus Maddie the collie), who all just love me :)
I love all other dogs and I am OK with cats too.I am a great example of my breed, in that I LOVE to sleep! And sometimes it takes quite a bit of coaxing to get me out of my bed. Stacey is amazed that I allow her to sleep till 8.30 most mornings, before I tell her it is time to get up! In fact she is often the one getting me out of bed :)

I had a very successful racing career (do check out my racing history here!)  and this is only highlighted when I’m let off lead to run with my other greyhound friends at Ashurst, boy am I fast!
I just love my walks and I always seem to get a lot of attention from passersby, especially when they feel how soft my beautiful coat is!
My confidence has grown immensely since being in foster care and I get on perfecly well with Maddie, even though she is young and still needs to learn some doggy manners. We play together for about 5 minutes, then I am stuffed and want to sleep, I don't understand how she can just keep on going and going and going! Oh, talking of sleeping...I am off to bed :)
Sleeping on the way to the river walk
 (but I still wanted to see what was going on out the window!)

"I'm sorry, I know I'm not really meant to be on the bed, but it was the only place I could find some sun!"