Update from Bernie!

Friday, June 3, 2011

I am a seriously lucky hound... lucky to be alive and lucky to have wound up at GAP.  I never raced and my trainer gave me away but my basic needs weren't met. I lived chained up outside, sometimes in the rain or cold, for months. :(
 I was picked up by the SPCA and brought to GAP in April this year, weighing in at just 22kg.  Oh boy, another few weeks in that yard and I would be dead, no kidding! My coat was in a sorry condition, and I was badly flea-bitten :(
 I gained 6kg in the mere two weeks in the kennels - that is how skinny I was!! 
Once I  got a clean bill of health, I was adopted by my new parents, Catherine and Chris in Wairarapa who managed to get me still enough to take some photos this weekend :) This was just before we off to help at the greyhound sausage sizzle fundraising at Carterton New World (which I so enjoyed! Anything that involves a car ride and meeting people is fun :)
I had a busy weekend with meeting friends for a play including Kalli (ex 2Spot), Fleet and Speedy as well as meeting the other dogs in Carterton.
I am loving my new life and looking much better, as you can see from the photos!