Beautiful boy up for adoption: meet Shottie (Thrilling Shot)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Shottie (Thrilling Shot) is just the cutest little guy :) He has just the loveliest demeanor, and loves everybody :)
Shottie was a great racing dog, earning over $25,000 in 54 starts. Now, he has mastered 'the lean' and is ready for his forever retirement home. :)

I have just stolen some of Shottie's pictures off his trainer's Facebook page; these were taken just before Shottie arrived to GAP.
Playing with GAP greyhound Riley (Utar Big Rig)
Shottie and Riley :)
With another friend :)

Shottie and GAP hounds Mouse (Sugar Mouse)
 and Riley (Utar Big Rig) playing with their spaniel friend

Shottie and GAP greyhound Sarge (Sergeant Scream)
OMG! Crocodile in the water!!!