"Take your dog to work" day

Friday, June 24, 2011
Some of our hounds went to work with their humans yesterday, as it was International Take Your Dog To Work Day.
For me, it is so wonderful to hear this -my employer (a big NZ corporation) has a 'no pets' policy, which is so sad and alien to me (I come from Europe , where dogs are pretty much allowed everywhere...)

So here are some of the doggies who went to offices and other workplaces yesterday:

On pictures below is Simon (Atonement), lying down on the job as an Information Librarian in the Christchurch City Libraries contact centre. He was so well behaved he fooled his Mum's colleagues into thinking she had him perfectly trained to 'stay' but he was actually just too lazy and relaxed to move. At lunch time he got up just long enough to eat a toasted cheese sandwich and have a walk in the park before a couple more hours on the phones - flat out of course! :) In case you are wondering what the headphone-type thing on his head is: it is a contact center headset :)
Jenny and Molly went to work at their Mum's
school and had their picture taken for local papers!

Baz (Swift Brutus) also went to work with his Mum Sheila:  he spent the day at Hillcrest High School library while his Mum went about her duties as a school librarian. (picture below)
They also featured on Page 3 of Waikato Times today! I found the article online:

Baz and Sheila :)

I am waiting for a few other pictures to arrive -so watch this space ! :)