Cute Sporty (Know Sporty)

Friday, June 10, 2011
Sporty (Know Sporty) was fostered by Ashley before coming to GAP. I asked her to send me a brief writeup about Sporty, and this is what she came back with:

Sporty has two sides to his personality: his 'melt your heart, I love you, give me more pats' side and his 'lets go play, it is all ON!' side.
Sporty loves beds, blankets and big fluffy cushions. I often caught him carrying the dogs' fluffy cushion around!!!
Sporty had a good race record, with 104 starts, 11 wins and 24 placings. He is still an active dog that likes going for jogs and playing with toys. I started teaching him a little agility while he was here (going through hoops and jumping over small jumps made from firewood with a broom on top :) .

He is an awesome dog, really fun and cuddly, he loves kids and would be a good dog for kids to teach to fetch and maybe a little agility too.

I loved fostering  Sporty; he is an absolute dream, one of the hardest dogs for me to give up, and I am sure  will be an amazing pet. Whoever adopts this lovely dog will be very lucky!
Sporty in his racing kennels, just before retirement :)