Margaret's pack

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Margaret with her hounds Gizmo and Eddie,
Toby the chihuahua and Maggie the griffon x
Last week I visited GAP Auckland Coordinator Margaret Judd, and took some pictures of her and her pack :) (you can click on photos to see them in full size)
Margaret is a great greyhound and animal lover - and well known to all Auckland Gappers, who often meet at her property for an offlead run.
Gizmo (Call Me Gizmo) has been with Margaret for a while. Eddie (Surf It Up) is more recent addition :)
Oh and Margaret's pack includes 6 cats too - although they were not keen on the photoshoot, preferring to snooze in the sun :)

Gizmo (Call Me Gizmo) and Maggie :)

Margaret and Eddie (Surf It Up) , a gorgeous blue fawn boy
Photogenic Eddie !
Another group shot
Eddie is a real smiler!