Update from Kobe :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

We just got an update from Sara and family, who adopted handsome Kobe (young unraced greyhound who was not fast enough for the track :) in mid-December last year.

Sara wrote:

When we had our home visit (by a GAP homechecker) in Auckland we fully appreciated how just how tall  greyhounds were, and my husband immediately said to me that there was no way the new dog would fit in the new Holden. The Holden that I had just brought for my birthday and not about to sell, so just prior to Christmas we set out to purchase a new truck to fit the dog. My husband Mickey was stoked because it meant he could get a new “MANS TRUCK” for himself… So I’m not going to mention how much it cost but a New Truck and a mortgage top up later we headed down to Sanson to uplift our new dog.  :)

We picked up Kobe from the girls in Sanson and were pleased to find a very handsome and very big dog. The new extra large dog cage we brought for him to travel in was laughed at as it was miles too small, and he curled up in the back of the truck on his new leopard skin print mattress that was once our children’s cot mattress.

We drove back to Auckland via a friends farm in Hastings and Kobe had a chance to meet some police dogs, horses, lamas, kittens and chickens for a few days, none of which phased him at all, however the first two nights he cried and had to sleep next to us in our visiters accommodation.

Back at home and he had trouble with the stairs, looking like a ballerina trying to walk up and down the stairs to the back yard, it took him two days of food bribery on each step before he worked it out! :)
Kobe was after all only 18 months old and a bit green. When we first got him home he would cry at 5am, not come to his name, have no road sense and get skittery when we walked him. I initially thought, OMG, this is like a new born baby trying to stretch him out to a reasonable time before he woke up!!!

I am pleased to advise that after 4 weeks of two walks/outings a day and a lot of  consistency and structure he is walking well, coming to his name and playing fetch !. We are now confident to let him off lead, and he interacts very well with other dogs. It has been a step learning curve for us as well as Kobe but he is now a complete pleasure to have around and has cemented his place in our family pack. :)
At Muriwai beach..


KAF said...

I am so pleased to hear that Kobe has gelled in well with his new family. He looks so Happy!.. Miss You Kobe :)