A very special greyhound up for adoption: meet famous Hailey's Agent

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
A very special greyhound has recently arrived to GAP kennels in Sanson: an amazing racer, incredible athlete, Cortez (Hailey's Agent).
He had 89 starts and impressive racing record, and made $66,000 in stakes. He was a 'stayer' - ie. usually running in longer races, over 500 meters. 
He was trained by Ben Craik , a big GAP supporter and an awesome greyhound trainer.

I met Cortez the other day and he is just THE CUTEST, smiling , shiny black doggie :) Just look at this face:
Cortez (Hailey's  Agent), in Sanson yesterday :)
Picture taken by GAP kennel manager Sonja Bright 
Here are some of his photo finishes (you can click on the pictures to see full size):

As many of my readers will know, I love all greyhounds, but I have a special place in my heart for top racing dogs, my beautiful Louie (Charlston State) included :) 
For me, their temperament, attitude and demeanor is just amazing. They are very very special dogs, who are a joy to adopt.
Cortez, like many top racing greyhounds, is also cat-friendly. This is, contrary to popular opinion, quite common. Chasing a sheepskin lure and winning a race has NOTHING to do with prey drive. Winning depends on competitiveness, drive, strength and of course speed. 
Many top racing greyhounds (now retired), like my Louie (Charlston State), Powerful Enemy, Olympic Ace, Sexy Babe, Winsome Show and many more are perfectly fine with cats and some of them are even fine with rabbits! 
On the other hand though, when I take my Louie (almost 9 yrs old now) to the greyhound racing track, he goes MAD for the lure, even just seeing it stationary, just being there!
 (This is why I have stopped taking Louie  to the greyhound racing track btw -it is just too upsetting for me not being able to let him chase the lure and race; he does not understand why and gets very sad :( 
He still gallops like a lunatic across parks and beaches -but for him, it just is not like racing itself.  Louie is still so competitive and keen to race -he would gladly go and literally break all his legs just to win one race just once more! :) I keep explaining to him that he cannot compete against 2yr - 3yr old greyhounds, but he does not care, and keeps racing EVERY single one of our foster greyhounds, whenever he gets a chance :)

Update 22/01/2012:
On Friday, Cortez arrived to our place to be fostered :) He has pretty much settled in. He thinks he looks very pretty and loves posing for photos!  He also grins almost constantly and loves cuddles and affection :) (you can click on photos below to see them in full size)
Aren't I pretty? :)

Yes, I can pull off a pink collar! :)
He also helped with gardening and met Sam The Samoyed:

The big white blob on the right hand side is, believe it or not,  A DOG!
But, despite having quite unfortunate looks,
the giant lure-like dog is quite cool....
Check out my profile ...:)
...and my teeth! :)

And he also had a run with Louie and Ben The Corgi:

Ben chasing Cortez, with Louie in the foreground :)


Jacquie said...

I know what you mean about the competitiveness! Jolie races everything, but has almost zero prey drive. Sadly for her, she now gets beaten by our 'non-competitive', 'refuses to race' girl (Kourtney is FAST!!). That's OK though, since Jolie has now learned to cheat!! She cuts corners, jumps over things and reverses direction all so she can get to the end of the run in front.