Update from Monty (Harka Lee)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monty (Harka Lee) now lives in Auckland with Kerry, Gene and Taylor. 
Kerry just sent us this update:

Monty has now been with us for 4 months and is more than anything we hoped for when we decided on a greyhound as a pet. When we first brought him home, he has a stitches in his foot after having a corn removed, had just had a tooth out and at 40kg was slightly overweight, so he was understandably feeling a little bit sorry for himself!!
It took him less than 20 minutes after the long trip back to Auckland for him to stop panting, find his bed and settle down for the night.
He has since lost nearly 3 kg and now has a waist, his missing canine tooth doesn't stop him from chewing on big bones and although he does play the symapthy card by limping and holding his paw up when he wants a foot massage - he is doing very well!!
He walks beautifully on the lead and always stops and sniffs curious people who want to touch "a real life track dog"!!
Monty is the most placid, loving dog we could have ever imagined and was definitley worth the wait - even our 2 cats think he's ok!!
A big thanks to Irene and Sonja at Sanson for matching him to us and for the whole GAP team for all the great support.


Warren Bronson said...

Fantastic to see my former c5 Greyhound with a weel deserved retirement home, many thanks, cheers Warren Bronson