Meet Ace (Olympic Ace)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Beautiful Ace (Olympic Ace) is our latest foster greyhound :) He arrived just over a week ago and is just the cutest! He loves Louie, Lucy and our other 2 foster greyhounds, Snowy and Cutie. Ace is lovely with all other dogs , and not too bad with cats either :)
Chilling out with Lucy and Louie (Ace in the middle :)))
He is very clean in the house too, and very polite. He loves his food and his bed:
Enjoying a lamb flap (check out Ace's ears!) :)))
Ace had a superb racing career, and did amazing on that track! Over $70K in stakes, 87 starts. Just check out his racing history:, it is so impressive:

Ace is also a small doggie: he raced at 31kg :) Quite small for a greyhound male. 
Yesterday I took him for a run to Kyrewood paddock (i only had a small car for the day, so could not take other hounds...). Ace is a real couch potato, who adores his bed, but he did enjoy a few zoomies with his new friend Benjamin The Corgi. Check out the pictures below:

Benjamin chasing Ace (Benjamin sometimes
*thinks* he is a greyhound!!)
Ace looks stunning when he runs!

It was not long before Benjamin and Ace found this HUGE puddle of water. Well , lets just say that Ace is a  true water dog:

Cooling down :)
Ace has such funny ears!
Ears again ! :)
What?! Tired already Ace???
Oh come on!!!
As they were so muddy after this adventure, I had to hose both of them down ! :) But it was worth it, for all the fun they had :)