Update on Jake ( Spiral Ebony)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Cute Jake (Spiral Ebony) now lives in Nelson with his new parents Kylee and Adam, who just sent us an update:
Jake is doing very well, he has fitted in perfectly! He lives with 2 border collies. One is a pup so she is teaching him a lot about playing! :) We have just started up doggy school with the other new hound 'Summer' in Nelson. Jake loves to go to the beach for walks but not for swims! He is getting us to the water slowly but i dont think he will be a water dog. :) We have been for a couple of Gap walks and he loves seeing other hounds and just hanging out. 

He is just so easy going, loves to cuddle, sleep (sometimes on the bed when he tries to sneak up), and his fav treat is a dried cow ear! Jake is just the best dog and we couldn't have asked for anything different, he is perfect for us :)