Update from Olive (Whata Lady)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We just got an update on Olive (Whata Lady) who now lives in a Wellington apartment, with her new Mum and Dad, Symone and James. 
They wrote:

Olive is settling in amazingly well in our little apartment. In fact, we think she is perfect.  She learns quickly and loves her food! After three days she was fully house trained. She doesn't like the stairs too much,  but a piece of kibble on each step is plenty enough motivation. We're still working on how to turn around on walks too, but there has been so much new stuff to get used to! :)
She spends a lot of time on her comfy bed and has just started showing interest in her fluffy toys, which she picks up and shakes from time-to-time. We had a great time with her new found friends -- a jack russell and huntaway -- on the weekend.  And, she has the house to herself to get her beauty sleep while we go to work. :) The alone training worked fabulously and she slept straight through to 5am in her own room on her first night. She doesn't wake up until 5:30am now and we are grateful for her making us enjoy the mornings (there have been some gorgeous sun rises). 

We are very thankful to you guys for finding us the greytest greyhound. We highly recommend getting a greyhound if you live in an apartment!