Update from Tess (Turnover)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Donna from Wellington just sent us an update on her lovely little Tess (Turnover):
My husband and me adopted Tess in September last year, and couldn't be happier with her. We initially were a little hesitant to take on a dog who hadn't been fostered, but have found it relatively easy to train her, and get her used to home life. 

She has eaten well, and has been in great health ever since we picked her up from Sanson GAP kennels. 

She LOVES going for walks and playing with her toys... specially any balls she finds... and of course loves sleeping on her special pillow... a lot!!! :)  We got Tess as my husband works shift work, so we find we are at home by ourselves a lot... We love having her there to keep us company in these times... don't know what we did without her! :)
Look at that smile :)

We've found Tess is also great with kids ... which is good!  I didn't realize, but when we picked her up, I was pregnant!!! :)
With her little friend :)