Update on Senso (Royal Aker)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Milena and Aaron from Wellington just sent us an update and some gorgeous pictures of their Senso (Royal Aker):
Senso has been with us now for 4 months! We love him lots and I think we can finally say that he truly believes this is his new family.

At first, when we brought him home he was a very serious dog and quiet as a mouse. Although he took to all the new things he was experiencing with relative ease (especially the stairs - Irene and Sonja would be proud), and was a happy waggy dog occasionally, his overall personality was conservative and at times he would just wander around or check to make sure that there wasn't anyone at the door to pick him up and take him back to Greyhound Land. 
Cuddles with Dad :)
'Senso the Serious' was the happiest on walks and would try to say hello to EVERY person we passed. I think he also found great comfort in knowing that other dogs still existed and would whimper loudly as soon as he saw one! Always the perfect gentleman, we would greet dogs brave enough to come close with happy cues no matter what shape and size they were. Although cats are another matter...and deserve Senso's full and undivided attention. That stare could melt lead. The first time we heard him bark, was when a cat lost the staring contest (I don't blame him) and bolted.
Wearking his Haloween T Shirt 
Senso is a very clever dog. He was told from day one that he must wait at the entrance of the kitchen while his meal is being prepared, and he is only allowed on our bed if he is invited or if we are at work. He has never made any attempt to get on our couches and hasn't destroyed anything (except his crate door!!!). We also taught him several useful 'tricks' like going to his bed, sit, stay, lay down, stop and come...and some less useful ones like pig nose (where he pushes his nose up against a finger), jump (into the air) and bang (play dead). At obedience class Senso met Mila (Bronze For Macos) and Zaha (All In One), and practiced his sit, stay and come in a whole field of distractions. We are fairly certain that he is smitten by Zaha, because he lost all his composure whenever he saw her and his little chops would quiver violently! Good thing she was in the class after ours or we would never have been able to teach him anything! But he graduated with flying colours and now sits down all by himself whenever he is asking us for something :)
Senso all dressed up, with a little jockey
and saddle on his back :)
Senso has also been on several other adventures. We registered for last year's 'Strut Your Mutt' walk/race. Senso (who wore a little jockey on his back, see the picture above!) and I won 'first team across the finish line' and he got to take home a whole box of goodies! 
We also took our lil' man with us to Napier after Christmas and stayed in the pet friendly Fern Motel. Everyone is very impressed with what a beautiful and well behaved dog he is. He loves going to Lyall Bay beach, the velodrome and to the trails of Mt. Vic. and usually walks 3+ times a day!

Now, Senso's personality has blossomed into a very affectionate and silly hound. His new nickname is 'ham'. We are still trying to teach him how he can play with his toys for longer than 30 seconds, but he seems to be more care-free now that he knows what to expect in his new life. He also knows that getting into the car means great fun and that yawning loudly in the morning usually makes us get up to walk him. We get greeted with an enthusiastic tail and happy dance every day after work and often receive Senso cuddles during our weekend sleep-ins. We are so happy that he came into our lives :)
Cold nose, warm heart :)


Rach x said...

Thanks for posting this update on Senso! When we met him at Dog School he was always so lovely and so much better behaved than Mila was! I think Mila was a bit jealous of his fondness for Zaha too...love the pics and Senso's outfits!

Anonymous said...

He is gorgeous... and I love all of the different outfits! Where do you get them from?