Meet our new family member!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our gorgeous, precious, amazing foster greyhound Cobby (nee Snow, racing name Cawbourne Snowy) has joined our pack for good :)))

We have fostered Cobbs for a while (as you can see from the posts about him on this blog) -and after long discussion (over a couple of months), we realized that this was his home. He loves it here, with our other greyhounds, and we think he considers our house his home. :) We realized that we were also too bonded to him, and could not really let him go elsewhere.
Also - Cobby is a great show dog: during his time with us, he has already casually trained in Obedience, Rally O, Agility and Fly. He loves all these classes and does so well in them -and we think he will be great dog for competitions! So watch this space for updates on his dog shows and competition achievements ! :)
He has already had his first Obedience competition in Levin this week -and he did great! 
Our big passion is getting greyhounds out there, to dog shows, to dog clubs and dog community, to obedience shows, Canine Good Citizen classes, agility, fly competitions etc. Some greyhounds LOVE to do this, and are great promoters of the breed as pets, and also as dogs to have fun working with!
True -greyhounds ARE couch potatoes, BUT many of them do enjoy dog classes and competitions, just like any other breed.  Overseas, greyhounds are stars in agility, CGC, and obedience competitions. We want to make this happen in New Zealand aswell :) Our Lucy has been very successful, and we have great hopes for Cobby :) 
So, as I wrote above, watch this space!


jet said...

he has the best little spots on him! :)