Ashley's puppies win again !

Friday, March 23, 2012
I have written about Ashley and her gorgeous greyhounds already, here is the link to that post. Ashley is only 19 years old and these puppies are the first ones she has trained for racing - and they are doing so well!

Last week, two of her puppies (well, I still call them puppies, but they are big doggies now :) did great at Addington: Lilly (Silvia Sue) got first, and Sophie (Blonde Tori) was third.
Ashley sent me this podium picture from last week:
Ashley on the podium with Lilly (in white rug), first place,
and Sophie (in red rug) coming third.
 Ashley is holding Lilly , her Dad is the guy in a hat , standing just behind Ashley :)
Beautiful Lilly passing the winning post

And Ashley also sent me these gorgeous pictures of Lilly and Sophie when they were puppies:
Lilly as a puppy :)
Puppy Sophie :)
Sophie as a grown up doggie :)
Grown up Lilly :)