Meet our new foster doggie: famous Regent Hurricane (or, for friends, Scratchy :)

Monday, March 26, 2012
Scratchy found a doggie couch in no time!
(You can click on photos to see full size)
I was so excited when I heard we would be fostering NZ Derby winner Regent Hurricane :)
I love all greyhounds, but top racing doggies are my love and my passion. I love their temperament and their demeanor - they are extra special dogs and a joy to adopt. 

And Scratchy -well, he is truly amazing (in case you are wondering why the name - his syndicate was called 'Scratchy Syndicate' :)
Scratchy is the gentlest cuddle monster, very affectionate big soft black doggie (he raced at 33-34kg). He has the cutest face and gorgeous hazel eyes :) He is a happy, waggy boy who LOVES cuddles and hums when you scratch his ears. He is just precious :)
Scratchy is very responsive, and listens well to instructions. He LOVES his toys and his bed :)

He was trained by Denis and Pam Schofield - my Louie's trainers :) And during his very successful career, he won NZ Derby race, in April 2011. Here is the picture of Scratchy and his trainers after that win:
Scratchy after winning NZ Derby race in April 2011, with Denis, Pam , Ingrid and David
 Scratchy loves everybody: people, kids, other dogs. Last week we took him to have a run and play with Ben The Corgi -they had a great time running around together with Louie and Lucy:
Scratchy and Ben The Corgi

Ben The Corgi chased Scratchy all over the paddock and never gave up!

Yesterday, Scratchy helped out at the GAP stand at a local event too. :) He met many people and got many cuddles :) He was a real pro and worked the whole morning - I hope he gets adopted by someone who wants to get involved in promotional greyhound events etc. Scratchy would enjoy that!
Here are some pics we took of Scratchy in action:

Scratchy (left) and our Lucy proudly wearing their GAP vests
Getting cuddles :)
Making new friends :)

Cute Scratchy!
Scratchy (left) and Lucy having a break
Cuddle monster :)