Update from Syd (Syd Phoenix)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gorgeous Syd (Syd Phoenix) was adopted by Kirsty and went to live in Lower Hutt in January this year. 
Kirsty just sent us an update:

When we applied to adopt a greyhound we were hoping for a slightly older smaller girl we were matched to Syd, who was anything but!!!  And -we couldn't be happier :)

Syd has figured out pet life well:  cats rule, TV remotes aren't chew toys, and if its cold and raining a pretend-pee gets him back inside quicker!

Syd loves GAP runs and did well at his first GAP event charming the public, he has made lots of
friends and has a fan club of kids from the neighbourhood too.

He has learnt heaps of tricks: sit, down, shake and stay -all these he will show off in his Canine Good CItizen classes which we are about to join :)

We look forward to having heaps of fun  with Syd and seeing even more of his personality in the coming months :)
Ginger cat invasion!