Meet handsome Ricky (Know Help)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Handsome Ricky (Know Help) recently arrived to GAP Amberley and is up for adoption. Young greyhound trainer Ashley Bradshaw used to work with Ricky while he was racing, and she sent me a few of his pictures she took (thanks a million Ashley!).
Ashley also wrote this about Ricky:
Ricky is a gorgeous boy, a lovely quiet dog and one of the cleanest dogs I’ve ever met -he always left his bed in perfect nick! He also has a lovely personality, a great temperament - he was always so  patient with all the crazy greyhound puppies in the racing kennels. :)
 Ricky will be one of the most loyal greyhounds to own, he will be great with children , he is a true patient gentleman.
Not to mention that he is also very handsome, amazing looking dog, and brilliant on the lead. He is sure to steal everyones heart :)
Ricky at the races

And in his racing kennels