Update from foster care: cute little Lilly :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Gorgeous little Lilly is currently in foster care with Claire and her family in Christchurch. Claire just sent us an update on her:

Lilly is a lovely little girl, very gentle, quiet and loving.  Lilly has been in our home for almost a week now and has gotten used to the life in the house, including TV and the wooden floor boards. 

She is still very unsure of the vacuum cleaner and heads straight for the nearest exit whenever I
get it out! :)

 Lilly also has a wonderful playful side and is enjoying playing soccer with the children and running around the house with my own greyhound Ben.
She also is a bit of a collector of shoes, remote controls and weirdly hairbrushes : )

Lilly still has her stiches in at the moment from being de-sexed so we are taking things easy,  not letting her run  too much - but I can tell she can't wait for a good zoom around!