Meet beautiful Milo (Kapital)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Gorgeous Milo (click on the photo to see full size)
Milo (Kapital) just arrived to GAP Sanson and her trainer (Deb Edlin) sent us these beautiful photos.
Stunning doggie or what? :)
(you can click on photos to see full size)
I met Milo the other day and she is very friendly, petite, cute, cuddly silver grey doggie, very unusual color. Her profile on NZGRA says that she is black but that is because she looked black as a puppy :) According to her trainer -the tips of her puppy fur were black and she got marked as black, but underneath her fur was a blue/fawn. By the time she reached two years old she had changed to the colour she is now -silvery blue grey.  Her trainer also told me that every time Milo raced she got questioned as to whether she was the same dog! (luckily, earbrands don't lie : )
Milo spent a while living in her trainer's house too -so she is well prepared for pet life :)

This is what Deb wrote about her baby Milo:
Milo came to me at just a tad over 3 months old. She was my second greyhound, she was and remains my beautiful baby girl. Sam (a white and black greyhound puppy pictured with her)  was also purchased as a racing dog and companion for her. He is 2 months younger. They were brought up together, played together, ran together, and slept together until they were 10 months old.

I am not sure which one is Milo -but aren't they all SO cute?! :)

Milo showed early promise but was crowded in her first few races. She didn't respond well to the hustle and bustle of racing, and ran her races accordingly. She only had 24 race starts for a win and 2nd placing. She ran her last race on the 31st of October, 2011, and then was moved inside the house with me.
Stunning: Milo at Wanganui track
Milo at Manawatu track

She loved being a house dog, and always lived happily within the rules. She loves kids, she loves human companionship, she is affectionate, and very, very bright. She has always slept on a purple mink blanket, as do all my greyhounds :).
She has always had squeaky toys, balls, and tug ropes to play with in the pen even as an adult dog -she loves them! She has always lived on a fully fenced section and would climb the big log in her pen to watch the world go by on the other side of the fence:
Milo and a friend on a big log :)

Milo captured a carrot!

Milo was always the queen of the castle. She loves walks, and was a regular at the beach. She loved to chase seagulls into the sea and would often disappear into the waves. This would send chills up my spine btw!!!

She is a beautiful wee girl who deserves a wonderful loving forever home. I know there is such a place, with people who will love her like I do. It is very difficult to part with one of your babies and I write this with tears in my eyes. My family and I will miss her deeply.


Brig Borlase said...

Milo is so gorgeous! Jimmy has a crush on her :)

Catherine Spiller said...

Hi there! I am Milo's new owner (her forever owner) and I wondered where her buddy Sam ended up. Perhaps I could organise a reunion play date with them :)