Update from Lola (Cawbourne Lola)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Lola after her bath :)
Gorgeous brindle girl Lola (Cawbourne Lola) now lives with Tamsin and family in Auckland. Tamsin just sent me some pictures and an update:
Both my boys are autistic and last year they started begging us for a dog, but we had no idea about what type of dog would suit our household.
We went to an animal expo and stopped at the GAP stall - and we couldn't get over how calm and gentle these big dogs were, they seemed perfect.
So I went home and started doing some research on Greyhounds; the more information I acquired the more I realised that a greyhound would be the perfect first dog for my boys.
Soon after - Lola joined us :) My boys love her to bits and Lola has become a big part of our family (we can't imagine life without her).
I also keep in regular contact with her trainer and update her on how Lola is settling in.
So cute: Lola and her boys