Update from Spice (Jetsun Wilkie) and Grace (Peace Icon)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Alison from Auckland adopted her first greyhound, Grace (Peace Icon) , in April last year. And recently, another girl, Spice (Jetsun Wilkie) joined their pack :)

Alison just sent us an update on her gorgeous greyhound girls:
Spice has settled in well and is not surprisingly the livelier of the two (Grace is still her calm lovely self, though she seems to be the boss which is just as it should be). They have some great following games in the garden and have both now met my son’s border collie who seems quite happy with them.
This picture above is of both of them with a friend after a great run at the beach – the first time Spice was off leash except for running round in the back garden. They had a lovely time with there and we’re hoping to go back this weekend if tides and rain permit! One of my students is in the picture with them and when I took them both to The Domain when there was an event there for all students in University of Auckland Halls, heads turned. They got a huge amount of attention and loved the cuddles they got.

Spice (left) and Grace with friends :)
Spice is a huge cuddler and you can see on the picture above she’s popular with the younger members of the family too!
 Just for the record though, anyone who thinks greyhounds are picky eaters hasn’t met these two – anything at any time! Spice has to wear muzzle on the lead just to stop her grazing on inappropriate things (chicken bones, banana skins, whatever) on the way. Grace learned not to and Spice is getting better tho :) . Spice is also way more interested in cats and would chase if given a chance...something I’m slowly teaching her isn’t acceptable!
They both are great additions and I would be lost without them.