Update from Jax (Kentucky)

Friday, March 16, 2012

We just got an update from Rebecca and Andrew , who have fostered GAP greyhounds since 2010. In 2011 though, they have joined the ever expanding 'Club Of Failed Foster Carers' - they have adopted their foster boy Jax (Kentucky) :)
They wrote:

As Jax's original foster carers we were very aware what a special boy he was from the very beginning. Having said goodbye to him once when he was adopted there was no way we could resist the chance to be his owners when his first adoption didn't work out. It was obviously meant to be!! :)

We are so in love with our handsome boy! He is the funniest dog we have ever encountered! He makes us laugh out loud every day! It took him 2 months to discover what fun he can have with his duck toy but now thinks it is the best thing ever. The cats however are best avoided according to Jax, they are "scary"! 
 He has most recently begun visiting a rest home where he finds many obliging laps to nudge in for a pat:). We have managed to teach him a few basic commands and he is currently mastering "roll over" and his recall is amazing, he gets so excited to come to us that he doesn't even want a treat! Quite a contrast to our last dog who was a Labrador!  All in all we are delighted with how much joy Jax has bought to our life and we feel so very lucky to have him. Big thank you to GAP, especially Julie and Richard for helping us to make it happen:)