Update from Billy (Billy Thunder)

Monday, February 7, 2011
Miriam with Billy and Katie
Billy now lives with Miriam, Vince, Katie (Image of Ishbell) and family in Carterton.
He was given to GAP by Waikato trainer Henny Laagland, who described him as 'my perfect gentleman' :)

Billy's new Mum Miriam wrote:

Billy and Katie sharing a couch
'Mr Billy' AKA 'soft brown brindle dawg' has been with us for a little more than a month and Vince and I couldn't imagine life without him. He's a lovely fellow, with an endearing habit of bringing you his stuffie's when you come home from work as a welcome back present.
He's been very easy to adopt, listens well and was house trained the minute he stepped in the door...he's been very good with our first greyhound Katie (Image of Ishbell), brings his stuffies for her to share and always leaves room for her on the bed, mattress or couch :) He's well on his way to joining the 'Spoiled rotten but not badly behaved club' currently presided over by Katie :)

Billy is our second greyhound; we adopted Katie 4 years ago, and while it took her a bit to get used to having to share Mum and Dad - 'Princess Madam Dawg' has come around really well and now enjoys romping around on the lawn with Billy and pretending to be ferocious by barking at maggies and other small animals (hedgehogs are a favorite thing to hunt).
All in all a very good call by Irene and Sonja and thank you very much!

Handsome boy :)

Billy loves his toys :)
And last but not the least: Billy's new sister Katie :)