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Thursday, February 17, 2011
This post is a bit of a mixture as I wanted to post about a few things today  :)

First , our gorgeous foster greyhound Snapper (Hagler). OMG he is just the cutest! He is a small black guy  -so affectionate and so cuddly! He has been with us for less than a week - and he has already settled in :) He is lovely, sleeps through the night, is great with all other dogs, sensitive and responsive doggie :)

I know I am cute :)
Snapper was given to GAP by  Taranaki greyhound trainer Don Kettlewell. I bet all of you are wondering: why would anyone name a dog 'Snapper'? Well, in case of our gorgeous foster boy -he 'snaps' at you in delight -he snaps his teeth while smiling and wagging his tail :)
He is so affectionate and loving that he snaps his teeth in delight, while wagging his tail furiously! It usually happens when he is trying to lick your face -it is hilarious, seeing all those teeth snapping, and lips trembling , and tail wagging :)
BTW -for those of you who dont know : greyhounds often snap their teeth in delight, and 'smile' with all their teeth on display! My Louie does it sometimes too -and i love it :)  It is very cute!
 Snapper is a gorgeous doggie :) He has fitted in great in our pack -here he is with Louie:

Louie (forefront) and Snapper
And Snapper is also great with our cat Mitzi :) She does scare him a bit, but I am sure, given time, they would become friends.

Just look at that little face :)

Also, today is Mouse's and Riley's Dad's birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAEME!!! -from all of us at GAP! :)
We dont have the birthday picture of  Graeme himself, but his hounds Mouse (Sugar Mouse) and Riley (Utar Big Rig) sent us a picture of them celebrating their Dad's birthday:

Happy Birthday Dad!

And last but not the least - the funniest picture and a blog post from Beryl's Mum Sue.

Beryl: WHAT the hell is that?!
Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) and her brother Frankie found a seal on Tangimoana beach!!!
See more pics and read all about it on Sue's blog: