Update from Blitzen (Ngapara)

Monday, February 21, 2011
Blitzen with his ducky :)
I just got an email and some photos from Blitzen  (Ngapara) who joined his new family in Christchurch a few weeks ago:

Hi my new name is Blitzen but you might remember me as Mate, I’ve been at my new home for a few weeks and I’m settling in great!
I’ve got a comfy bed (which I love to sleep on - a lot) and lots of love from my new family Mum, Dad, and my best mate Tom.

I live in the Burnham Military Camp and have made lots of friends, we meet on the field in front of my house for a run about, or we enjoy a walk around the golf club together. I love digging in the dirt, running in circles, getting cuddles, sleeping, playing with my duckie and helping Tom eat his food (Mum’s trying to stop this but hey he offers it). I’m settling in really well and am loving my new life.