Tangimoana beach run tonight!

Friday, February 18, 2011
Snapper (with green muzzle) and Crank had a blast
racing up and down the beach
It was a lovely summer evening tonight, so Sue, Ellie and myself took the dogs to Tangimoana beach. We had a great time! The team:
My foster greyhound Snapper (Hagler),
Kenzo/Crank (Awesome Voyage) whom we have picked up from GAP kennels on the way :),
Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) and her brother Frankie,
and my gorgeous Louie (Charlston State).
Lucy could not come as it would not be good for her gracillis at this stage -but she will come next time as she is way better :)

We had a fantastic time! We let everybody off lead, and greyhounds were galloping wildly accross the sand :)
Kenzo and Crank played like puppies, despite both of them being 4 years old :) They were both literally throwing themselves into the waves chasing Frankie! (who it seems loved every second of it !).
Here are some of the pictures Sue and me took:

3 black greyhounds: Louie, Snapper and Crank
Crank, Snapper, Frankie

Ellie with Beryl, Snapper and Crank

Gorgeous boys: Crank and Louie (in the background)

Crank and Snapper both love water :)
Snapper and Crank chasing Frankie :)

Check out Snapper on the right: Hold on Frankie, I will save you!

Hmm...maybe not!

I've got you!

Ellie with Snapper and Crank

Crank and Snapper played like puppies :)
And got completely soaked!

Look at Crank's smile :)

Crank and Snapper :)
And Sue made a gorgeous video of Snapper and Crank playing - have a look and do make sure you have the volume up :)