Update from Khan - the 31kg Siamese cat!

Saturday, February 12, 2011
Biscuit time!
I have written about the sudden passing of Lloyd Gill, greyhound trainer and a big supporter of GAP before. His lovely Mum Jean brought all his racing greyhounds and also his pet greyhounds to GAP. All of them have found loving forever homes :). Beautiful Khan is one of them :)
He was adopted by Susan from Tararua, who owned another one of Lloyd's retired racers, Sam (Fortold).
A few months ago, Sam crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 12 (due to cancer). It was sad news for all GAP community - Sam was a gorgeous, special doggie.
We were all so thrilled when Susan later adopted Khan, another one of Lloyd's greyhoumds :) Khan now loves with Susan and Cari, 11 year old Kelpie.

Grandkids are in bed and Mum is on the computer - what's a guy to do?
Susan wrote:
Khan's personality is shining through and he can be a real imp when the mood takes him.
We have this game where I stamp my feet and he drops down on his front legs and then "dances". There's no other word for it, he dances.We also have a figure of 8 race track round the garden!!!!!

I also introduce him as my 31kg Siamese - due to his colouring!!!!

Smiling! :)
Happiness is.................. a shady spot in the garden and a PIGS EAR
Bedtime ...