Update from Jasper (Witch Jasper)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Handsome Jasper (Witch Jasper) is a very successful retired racer who was adopted by Carolyn and her family just before Christmas.He now lives in Wairarapa, and shares his new  home with a family cat and a pet rabbit :)
His new Mum Carolyn just sent us this update and some gorgeous pictures:
 Jasper is a handsome boy whom we have all totally fallen for. He is quick to learn and willing to please. He loves sprinting round the house once then straight back to bed! He is not quite sure how to play but we are encouraging him with a fluffy teddy which the kids throw around for him.

We adopted Jasper just before Christmas, and he fitted in with our holiday plans very easily. He has settled in well and is a complete gentleman around our cat. He wasn't quite so good with our pet rabbit though :). A strict "No!" every time he rushed to the cage and in just a few days he was ignoring the rabbit (mostly).
Cute Jasper :)
We have enrolled Jasper in obedience classes which has helped us (humans!) with "Heel" and "Wait" and "Come". The last command seems to on his terms though, so we definitely need more work on this! Jasper is best in class for walking on the lead :-)


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Glad to hear that you are training Jasper!