Update from Alfie (Alfa Dancer)

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Alfie and his human exploring :)
This is an update on a very special doggie: Alfa Dancer - Alfie :)
I met him at the GAP kennels last year and took him for a couple of CGC (Canine Good Citizen ) classes in our club. He is just a gorgeous, clever, cutest, waggy dog :)
Alfie also had an impressive racing career, which was cut short by a minor injury. This amazing greyhound (trained by Manawatu trainer Brendan Cole) had 35 starts, out of which 13 were wins, and another 9 placings.
And now, he is enjoying his well-deserved retirement in Napier, with his new Mum Linda.
Linda just sent us this update on her handsome boy:

GAP kennel managers Irene and Sonja matched me with Alfie in December of last year after GAP volunteer Bobi had interviewed me and gathered information about my lifestyle. As I have come to learn about the breed they are extremely gentle, social animals. I have slowly introduced Alfie to the outside world, he loves our visits to the beach and now isn't nervous of the sound of the waves. He has had a swim in one of our local rivers on a particularly hot day which really cooled him down. He loves meeting other dogs on our walks and I have taken him to meet another GAP dog just recently - picture below is of Alfie and lovely Emma (Bonnie Creek):

Alfie and Emma :)
He is extremely well mannered (although yesterday he did pinch a roll from my bench!) and when I am visiting friends they always make a point of telling me to "bring Alfie too." He has won a few hearts and changed a few people's views on greyhounds (only because like myself, they had never known a greyhound before.)
Alfie helping with kite flying :)
Alfie is my constant companion and it's hard to imagine him not being in my life. Thanks so much to the owners/trainers of Alfie for putting him into the GAP programme and to Irene and Sonja for giving me the perfect dog. All the people at GAP do a marvelous job matching up dogs to their adoptive homes. Keep up the good work!
Handsome boy