Update from Milo :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011
In my post yeasterday I wrote about Khan, one of Lloyd Gill's dogs - and today's post is about Khan's brother Milo :)
Milo now lives in Carterton, with his new mate Taz The Corgi Cross and  a few cats. He just sent us this update:

 I have been living with my new family for just over a month now. I am getting used to being a couch potato, in fact the couch is one of my favourite places to spend my day. I am very good at holding it to the floor to stop it flying around the room (a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do). I am pretty much still a big puppy, I tend to get a bit over excited especially when any of my family comes home even if they have only been gone 5minutes. I keep them entertained with my silly antics too. Well maybe not the time I fell in the pool - I can't swim it seems!!!

A BONE !!!
I have two kids to play with and they think I am the most perfect greyhound ever!! Who am I to disagree? I am learning lots of new things and know to go on my bed when there is food around, I am starting to learn I am not allowed to jump at the gate when people come in. I love going for long walks, I wasn't keen on chasing a fake bunny but boy do I wanna go chase the real ones, Mum thinks it is not a good idea to chase bunnies down someone's driveway at 6.30 in the morning - silly Mum!

These children love me :)
I have made friends with Aunty Mim's greyhounds, Katie (Image of Ishbell) and my half brother Billy (Billy Thunder). I like going to visit and have a run about the yard with them. Look at the picture of all of us:

Playing with Billy and Katie (that is me in the middle :)
All three of us with Auntie Mim
Did I mention I was very handsome?
My new brother Taz (The Corgi cross) gets cross with me when I get overexcited when we play, he is only little but he is 9 and I forget he is old. I am a bit scared of the cats that live here but they mostly stay away which I prefer. I really like living the life of a couch potato and I love my family and they love me to bits, even when I surf the bench and drink out of the toilet LOL. I think I will be very happy here, I even get to go to school and get lots of pats from all the kids. Life is good :)