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Friday, November 25, 2011

Sunbathing with my cat Whiskers
Hello everyone, my name is Tina (Wild Gunnadoo), I had my 9th birthday in September and I am one very lucky hound. I had a wonderful loving home for 5 years but sadly my mum got sick and I had to go back and stay with Sonja and Irene for a while. They are wonderful and it was fun but I was sad and missing my mum and home comforts. Then they told me another lady was coming to get me and take me home to join her and 2 other things called cats. I wasn't too sure about that but decided to give it a try. The lady must have been very keen to get me because she and a friend drove all the way from Mt Managua through the snow!!! Boy, did I make the right decision, I'm living the life of Riley in Bay Of Plenty! There were a few little hiccups at the start because I was still sad and unsure of what was going on and those cat things were a bit scary but we came to an understanding - you ignore me and I'll ignore you, and now we're all good pals and even lie in the sun together.
 My new mum has lots of friends with dogs of all sizes and we all have fun together. Some even have cats but that's okay, I just pretend they're not there. I have 4 lovely comfy beds spread around the house (even have a pretend mink blanket on my night-time bed) and a special one for outside on the patio where I can leisurely recline in the sun so I just go from one to the other as the mood takes me. Sometimes Whiskers, the 18 year old 3 legged cat, joins me on the patio. Cleo, the deaf white Chinchilla is a bit snooty and thinks she's superior to us so lazes further away.

I love my toys :)
My mum takes me for lots of lovely long walks and now I'm even allowed off the lead because I'm getting pretty good at coming back when I'm called although there have been a couple of occasions when I was on a mission and didn't respond which didn't go down too well with "her who should be obeyed"!!! We have a lovely big park near our house and we go there nearly every day and often meet other dogs taking their humans for a run. It's nice to say woof and have a sniff but I prefer to be independent and trot along on my own. We sometimes meet up with Graeme, who recently adopted Snow (Cawbourne Snowy), and go to the racecourse for a good run and it takes me back to when I was young and hooning around the racing track - aaah those glory days!!! Oh well, at least I can still step it out even if it is only for a short burst.
Our lunch stop after BOP GAP walk.
I didnt mind Snowy using me as a leg rest because he let me share his blanket :)
I love the beach but unfortunately a ship ran aground recently and we're not allowed on the beach for awhile because of the oil.
When we're walking in the street I'm very good on the lead as long as there's no grass or shrubs around to sniff at and then my "good lead behaviour" goes right out the door. We're working on it but I think it will be a while before I get a tick for that test.

I just LOVE going out in the car and every time my mum goes into the garage I charge down the passage like a lunatic hoping she's heading for the car. I can spend hours curled up asleep in it if necessary, I'm such a laidback easy going girl. I do have a mattress, duvet, pillow and mink blanket in there so why wouldn't I be happy? We went up to Auckland to stay with my mum's cousin and she had a little thing which they said was a dog but I find that hard to believe because to me it looked like a ball of white fluff that moved. She also had two of those cat things but they hid most of the time we were there.
We went to a BBQ the other night and that was awesome. Every so often the human doing the cooking would "accidentally" drop something and of course it just happened to be where I was standing so being a nice tidy little lady I had to clean it up so he didn't get into trouble. Everyone thought I was beautiful and made a big fuss of me which was rather cool. I love the GAP outings and spending time with the other hounds and doing fun things with them then going for lunch at someone's house or coffee at a nice cafe afterwards.
Mum and me with Lily (Praise) and Victoria
So all in all life is really fantastic. I'm so lucky to have found two wonderful homes in my retirement and I thank GAP millions for finding my second mum for me and I just hope there are lots more humans out there who can find it in their heart and home to give another greyhound a happy ending. My mum keeps giving me lots of cuddles and telling me how adorable and beautiful I am and of course I can't argue with that because it's so true!!!
Love Tina xxxx
Yes I am 9, but i still like a good zoom! :)



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