Meet gorgeous Ricki (Validiction)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beautiful Ricki
We just got an update from Janet and Tony, who are currently fostering Ricki (Validiction).
They wrote:
Ricki has heaps of character and is very people orientated (dependent?). We think he’d do well where he was very much ‘it’, not to say he couldn’t share the stage, but a family/person where there was lots of ‘together’ time, is I think, very Ricki. :)
He is a real clown and has us in stitches with his squeaky toys - especially when he thinks it’s food time - which is most of the time! He’s again had us in stitches as we watch some (useless) video clips - but he can hear my voice and his toy - he cocks his ears in a “what’s that all about” question! Needless to say he does not get to sleep with his squeaky toys at night!

Ricki is very affectionate, he knows his name and quite good at ‘come’ (within the boundaries of the property) - and when it suits him! No idea about ‘sit’ - just an immovable object; learning stay/wait - but we’re not challenging him too much with that.
He also has a liking for paper back books - ripped up three thus far, and has twice stolen Tony’s work pad off his desk! Attention seeking tactics we think, after all it’s all about ‘me me me’.  :)
I loved the description of a dog recently on the site - popcorn - that’s Ricki too - when we come home and food time - so funny!

The photos with Ricki with his GAP coat on are from a charity walk we did and the photos from Tracey Finlay( There were a group of GAP dogs there and you can see others on her facebook page  too :)


Anonymous said...

I totally Love Ricki... He is such a darling... Loves his pink bunny Rabbit "Christmas present"..

Anonymous said...

Ricky is listed in the Greyhounds for pets, we need homes. Wondering if this is still the case??