Meet Deo (Impulse Buyer)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Danielle , Deo's foster Mum,  wrote a few paragraphs on him (thanks a million Danielle!). Danielle works for Deo's trainer, and she has known Deo ever since he was imported to NZ from Australia:

I remember when Impulse Buyer (Deo) first arrived in NZ. I picked him at at the airport - I opened his crate and was greeted by a huge nose followed by a lick. I thought how handsome he was. We then delivered him to his trainers in Palmerston North, Lisa Alhern and Bredon Cole. I watched him race a few times, and then got a call informing me that he had hurt his foot (minor injury), and would I be able to take him and look after him until his place came up at GAP. Well of course I could!!!
Deo arrived to my house late at night and was put straight to bed, in the morning he went out in the dog paddock and immediately started to play  -  what a big puppy!! He was such a big boy, but very gentle. He would run up to the kids but never knock then down and he would let them lead him around. :)

Next it was time to meet the cats! He took it all in his stride and after a quick sniff and a hiss from Gypsy the cat, Deo went to sleep! :)

His most favorite game was fetch with the ball and him and Toots (my Bichon Friese) would play for ages running around the garden. Mind you I had to limit the running as his foot was still sore and sometime he would limp a little. His foot is now well healed, and he went to GAP kennels in Sanson :) He is now waiting for a special home with very special humans. I must say Deo was one of my favorite dogs that i have worked with; whomever gets to take him home is very very lucky! I know his owners, Bbc Syndicate ( Brad Jackson, Bredon Cole and Craig Rendle) and they  are all looking forward to hearing all about his new forever home and his new family :).
Deo has a very Roman nose! :)


Anonymous said...

Deo came to what I hope will be his forever home last night - a week before Christmas. He is still checking the place out and has yet to conquer the stairs but showing he is, as advertised, a very special boy. Edwina (Eddie)the resident greyhound has asserted lead role and Deo has graciously accepted that. Deo has inspected Myrtle the cat and sort of sweaks when he looks at her sleeping - not sure if that is "mmmmmmm" or "those claws look sharp". Supervision ongoing there. Now we just have to figure out a regal name for the lad and show those darn stairs who is boss.
Cheryl (one of the very very lucky humans)