The wonderful, the amazing Terry Stanley

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Terry Stanley grinning after coming second in Wanganui :)
I was thinking how to title this post -and then Danielle (Terry's foster Mum) came up with a perfect title :)
Amazing Terry (Terry Stanley) is truly a special greyhound, who has performed superbly on the racing track:
he had a very successful racing career in Australia, before coming to New Zealand in July 2010, just after he won the Cairns Cup.  He had 78 Starts in NZ with 39 wins and 16 placings, winning a total massive $53,640 in stake money. Terry won Auckland Sprinter of the Year 2009-2010, 2nd in the Group 2 race Dash for Cash in Wangunui.

He was trained by Steve Clark and Kathy Wilson in Albany (Steve and Kathy also train famous 'Swift Fantasy' , and many of their greyhounds have retired via GAP).

Terry with his trainer Kathy, Tony (one of his owners)
and Danielle (his foster Mum :)

Same team, different track :)
 Needless to say, after such an awesome career, Terry  deserves a well earned couch to sleep on. :) However, Terry will not be coming to GAP, he is off to live with one of his owners in Ashburton. Terry's foster Mum Danielle wrote:
Mr Terry Stanley  is owned by "Now Thats Value" syndicate, comprising of Blair Wederell, Craig Rendle, Tony Valentic, Brad Jackson and David Scott. All these gentlemen are very involved in greyhound racing and between them own a number of racing greyhounds. Now that Terry is retired with a minor hock fracture (which is healing nicely) he is going to live with one of his owners (Blair). Blair works for the TAB and sets the fixed odds (not a popular job!)so Terry will most properbly spend most of his retired days sleeping and watching racing replays.
Mr TS in now with me (Danielle) until he gets a ride to Ashburton to join Brad and his family; he is learning how to be a pet which he has taken to very well. He has learned to respect the cat, is nice and clean in the house and loves to sleep in the sun. Mind you he did eat the Sky controller one night but has now learnt that is not such a good idea. Fluffy toys are much more fun, as you can see in the video below: :)

Terry will always be the winner :))))