Update from gorgeous little Lea :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sharon from Wellington adopted cute little Lea in August this year, and she just sent us an update and pictures -thanks a million Sharon!

Lea found her forever home with us  within a few days of being at the GAP kennels. Sonja and Irene had me sold before I met her (even though I had said I didn’t want a black dog!! ). When I asked the question, “she’s pretty much black all over isn’t she?” the answer was a definite yes!

Lea's adoption day - 27/08/2011, Sanson GAP kennels
Lea ticked all the other boxes I had requested and more. Those two sure know how to match hounds to people. Although is listed as a black dog she’s quite an unusual colouring, and her coat is often remarked upon. She’s got a chocolatey, smudgey charcoal colouring going on and she’s absolutely gorgeous.

 I have a little white deaf cat, whose nose has been slightly out of joint as another princess has joined our household. They have secret mini nose to nose sniffs and I have seen Caspa The Cat offer the odd smooch to Lea who takes most opportunities to have a deep inhale of Caspa’s fur. Caspa has the upper hand as she’s allowed to sleep on my bed - Lea loves her own bed so that’s very helpful. Actually she has three beds and each get a good dose of snooze time spent on them. :)

Lea has adapted very well to being a pet, she is a keen learner and very eager to please. We went to doggie school for a few weeks as she was quite confused as to how to behave around other dogs. She was much admired at doggie school and always the perfect hound walking on a lead. After much socialising she has learnt that dogs do come in all shapes, colours and sizes and they don’t need to be growled at - Leah is very gentle and some dogs intimidated her, which resulted in defensive growls . A reciprocating, albeit tentative, greyhound sniff is a better way to engage in greeting.

Who will run with me? :)

The beach is a wonderful place to act crazy and gallop through the water, so is the local stream and any chance to get a little warmed up means she has a good reason to cool off and prance in the water.
We have loads of fun together and she has brought many new smiles to our household and she’s an absolute treasure to have around. Even Caspa takes time out of her 20 hours of daily sleep time to study her sleeping. Who knows, one day they might snuggle up together. :)

Lea's house :)

I like carpet too!