Some cute pictures of Del-Boy

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Michele and Eric sent us these two cute pictures of their Del-Boy :) They wrote:
Having had a successful Awatere Run last month (culminating in a delicious lunch at Ugbrooke Estate, for the humans that is), Del-Boy is now starting to get on Bertie The Cat’s better side. They are both a lot more relaxed around each other. He has also obviously been taking notice of the TV adverts relating to NZ’s “clean, green” image and has decided to join in. He’s by-passed the “clean” bit and gone straight for the “green” part. This was not achieved by sneaking someone’s hair dye but by rolling around in the recently mown grass (I can’t call it a lawn just yet). And here is the proof:

He’s obviously leaving the “clean” part until later.......