Update from Buster (Barallen)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cute Buster (Barallen) now lives in Wellington with  Kelsie and Joe. We just got an update from them:

Buster is doing really well. Still a little shy but comes out of his shell a little more each day. He loves going to the park for a run around. Always happy to see us when we get home -we always see a little face at the window waiting for us when he hears us arriving, then greets us with a lot of tail wagging and cuddles. :)
He is a very handsome boy now after a little bit of a scrub up. Surprisingly he makes for a very good guard dog, no one arrives without us knowing. He has very good manners except when it comes to food hahaha!!

 He likes to poke his nose out the window when we drive and must be an odd sight for pedestrians. He has made a few friends at the shops, lots of people stopping to ask questions. He sleeps a lot, often in the strangest positions - which is good entertainment. :)


Anonymous said...

really good-natured dog. bless his little doggy soul.