Update on Mila (Bronze For Macos)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mila in her bed :)
Rachel and Michael from Wellington adopted their beautiful Mila (Bronze For Macos) recently and sent us an update and some gorgeouys pictures :)
Btw -we fostered Mila (then Fiona) for a while too -she was loads of fun! :) It is so wonderful to see her so happy in her forever home! :)

Rachel and Michael wrote:
Mila has been with us in Wellington for a month now and has very quickly become a big part of our little family. She is fascinated by the number of cats that we have living down our street and will run around the house trying to find the other dog whenever she hears barking coming from the TV!
 She loves being around people and has earned a reputation as my big black shadow (because she would follow me around the house all day if she could). She absolutely loves her squeaky toys, which she takes to bed with her each night and are never far away from her during the day. Her current favourite is a fluffy pink pig which has lost its squeaker and is starting to look very dirty, but still provides hours of entertainment!
The “sticking up ears” are always a good sign that she has found something interesting and she still absolutely loves to be in and around water.

Mila proudly suppporting the All Blacks on her first weekend with us!
We have been on a few adventures in the time we have had Mila - she loves going for rides in the car which makes it really easy for us to get out to see the sites of Wellington. Last weekend we visited a farm in Ohau where she got to hang out with two Waimaraners (Heidi and Jazzy) and she kept us busy trying to make sure that she did not harass the chickens too much (good thing we had our muzzle with us!). We have also just started Obedience classes in Karori with another GAP greyhound (Senso) and she is quickly getting the hang of sitting, lying down and staying on command. The cheese incentives are really helping us out there! :)

I have attached a few pics of Mila above (obviously, there are many, many more than this but I thought I had better not inundate you - and look like a crazy dog person!).  :)

Mila in the car :)

Mila helping out in the garden
Mila's very first walk with us!