Update from Jimmy (Postman Jim)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jimmy and his favourite toy, the Manky Hedgehog (MH) :)
Handsome Jimmy (Postman Jim) now lives in Wellington with Brigid, Butch and their two girls, Julia and Lucy. We just got an update and pictures from Brigid:

Jimmy is  fast becoming a special part of our family and the neighbourhood – lots of people stop to say hello on our walks since he’s both handsome and very friendly! Jim loves people, especially children, and is so gentle. He is doing very well at calmly walking past other dogs, flying rubbish bags, lawnmowers and other strange noises and sights.
He gets two walks a day and seems to thoroughly enjoy his exercise. Butch sometimes takes him for a short run – quite a sight to see the two lanky lads heading off down the road. As Jim’s getting much more confident we have extended outings to other places and he is taking that all in his stride.

We have been going to beginners obedience - with George and Mynx  (on the picture below) ; we are the greyhound gang- and Jim has mastered wait, short recalls and down on command. He loves to please, and works well for treats!

Jimmy (in the middle) with George (Chile Command)
and Mynx (Whistling Mynx)
Jim has discovered the joy of squeaky toys, especially his Manky Hedgehog, and also gardening, of all things. He is fascinated by the process of planting things out and puts his paw on the ground next to the new plant, but doesn’t dig. I always have a companion when I’m in the garden. :) 

Yes, with Manky Hedgehog again :)
Jimmy while he was racing, winning one of the races at
Manukau Greyhoudn Racing track :)