First 'Licious' greyhound arrives to GAP !

Sunday, July 29, 2012
Lady (Ladylicious) with Ellie, greyhound trainer extraordinaire
A few months ago, TV3's Campbell Live had a great segment on a greyhound race in Wanganui, where all dogs were littermates, and had 'interesting names': their names ended in '-licious' :)

Race commentator had a tricky job (and I have to say, performed perfectly!).  Here is the link to the results of that race:

These doggies (raised and trained by Foxton trainer Paul Freeman and his family) are just under 2 years old now, so we thought they had a few more years to race. However, one of them , Ladylicious, was a bit too slow on the track, so she arrived to GAP last week.

Sonja took some gorgeous pictures (you can click on them to see full size). Lady certainly has THE BIGGEST greyhound smile I have ever seen! :)
We all know greyhounds smile a lot. But have you ever seen anything like THIS????.
Lady is just a puppy - she is only 1 yrs old , turning 2 at the end of August. She is way more energetic than a seasoned retired racer, and will need more exercise and stimulation (ie. having retired from racing very early, she will need another job for at least a few years). 
Lady is no couch potato at this stage - she would do so well in agility, Rally Obedience, flyball and similar classes. Lure coursing too. She is a small girl too  - making her very suitable for agility. She has a good toy drive and needless to say, big play drive too :)

Lovely young greyhound handler Courtney (who helps handling Freeman greyhounds) wrote a bit about Lady (thanks a million Courtney!):
Lady is stunning, playful yet gentle, and has the cutest personality, besides being famous! She will walk by your side, jump up for cuddles if you request, and love you forever. She has a lot of energy, being merely a puppy, but she does love to relax. She gets along with people all ages, and loves attention and affection.
 My mum Angela and me brought the Licious litter up, Paul helped too. They were sometimes cheeky and naughty as pups, stealing mum's socks when she wasn't looking :)  But pups will be pups!
Lady is retired now and deserves a loving home with people who will love her, look after her, and care for her. She will be an awesome pet!