Flash Trav: Greyhound extraordinaire! :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ali and her beautiful Trav :)
Ali and her husband just send me an update on their gorgeous 'dairy cow' greyhound Trav (Flash Trav) today :)

At the begining of this year, we adopted Trav privately (via his trainer), not via GAP. We wanted to adopt a retired racing greyhound for a while and when we saw those gorgeous dairy-cow spots we decided  Trav was the hound for us!! 
 Some people tell us he is more of a horse than a hound (he's a large 37kg), so we just tell them that he's a bit of both really, with cow print markings to confuse things further.

Mind you, it hasn't all been smooth sailing since we adopted Trav!!! There was the time that Chris's freshly baked loaf of bread that was cooling on the kitchen bench simply disappeared without a trace. Another time, two packets of muffins and a packet of biscuits vanished and the wrappers were discovered on Trav's bed. There were no witnesses in either case, but we have our suspicions. He just gave us a sad look and acted like an innocent hound who had been cruelly framed.
His favourite food is yoghurt. He is obsessed with it and is more excited about yoghurt than any meat treat or bone. He's happiest when we give him honey baked chicken skin with yoghurt as a topping. He likes to think of himself as a food critic; if his dinner arrives without yoghurt sauce I know I'll be getting a poor review in Greyhound Gourmet magazine that month. Nonetheless, he always forgives me and enjoys a cuddle by the fire after dinner time :)

Grinning Trav with his Dad :)

On the GAP walk :)